Monday, November 12, 2007

Will Rhyme For Food

Well, there's just going to be no living with me now.

On the heels of my MAJOR newspaper publication (those elementary kids didn't know what hit 'em), I've received word that I'm the winner of Creative-Type Dad's KFC Chicken Checks give-away.

Click on the title above (where, oh where, Blogger have you hidden my tool bar with my link button?) and check out the winning entry, as well as the hilarity that is Creative-Type Dad.


Elizabeth said...

If you win some chicken checks, you should send some on their chocolate cake. I had some this weekend by accident and it may be my new favorite chocolatey dessert. Surprisingly great. Really.

Susan said...

You are on a roll -- like butta, darling. Keep up the good work! Enjoy the KFC. Not sure how often you eat it, but I think it will keep your arteries full and satisfied for at least a year.

foolery said...

I think this is how Barry Manilow got his start.

You rock, Beta Mom! Have some greasy goodness. lick your fingers and think of all of us little people!

jeff mac, said...

Your rhymes are hotter than that Kentucky Fried Chicken, all the sucka MCs best stay out of the kitchen.

beta mom said...

Elizabeth - You had cake by "accident"? Is this like when I trip over the remonte and watch 6 hours of Law and Order "by accident"?

Susan - I think the KFC meals actually come with a portable defibrillator now.

Fooler - Barry Manilow! I remember having the double album of him live in concert (circa 1864, I believe) - one of the cuts was him doing a medley of all the jingles he'd written!

Mac - Word to your mutha'. No, really, could you pass this along to your mom?

Peace out.