Sunday, July 1, 2007

Oreos for breakfast

In a recent comment, one of my favorite Beta moms, Robin, mentioned that Oreos are the current breakfast of champions in her house. Now, not only do I approve, but I applaud her for her attempts to provide her children with a nutritionally balanced breakfast. This brings me to a little game I like to call "Find the Food Groups". Let's use Oreos as our example:

Grains - Well, this is obvious. The two cookies that comprise the Oreo "sandwich" provide a stable base for our pyramid of health. (Nutritional tip - the darker the grain, the healthier the bread; I'm sure the same applies to cookies.)

Dairy - Hello? "creme filling"? (Remember, correct spelling is optional. This is also true for anything refered to as "froot".)

Meats/Protein - Since dairy can be a good source of protein, I think we'll use our good friend "creme filling" again. To make sure you're getting adequate nutrients, better to get the Double Stuff Oreos.

Fruit - I'm having a harder time finding the fruit in an Oreo, but the truth is I have a friend who's a nutritionist, and she says that too much fruit is not good for you because of the sugar content, so it's probably better that there's no fruit.

Fat - Considering all of the wholesome goodness we've discovered in our Oreos, I think a little bit of fat is okay.

See how it works? Play along at home!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what Greek-Dad status I classify under, but I think what you are doing is brilliant and funny! I'm proud of you, even as you snore from up above....upstairs that is.

Susan said...

Beta Mom, I'm still perusing your site for the first time -- you can find me by the comments and cookie crumbs I've left. This post, along with the others, makes me think we are soul sisters at heart. Did I mention I can rationalize Oreos for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner?

If only I had some around here for an after-dinner snack...have a great week.

foolery said...

I don't buy Oreos. I have no self-control, and Oreo packages are not conducive to people with no self-control. I do, however, eat Peanut M&Ms for lunch. Today, for example. Right now. The Tear n' Share size, whatever the hell THAT means. Hands off.

Bookmarked your site, and I'll keep reading, if you promise to keep validating my existence!