Saturday, November 3, 2007

What's that behind your back?

Let's just skip the pretense and cut right to the chase, shall we?

Of all of the candy you steal from your child's pumpkin/basket/bag, which is your favorite?

When sneaking candy past the children, do you -
a) hide it in a pocket?
b) wrap it in a magazine/hide it behind a book?
c) distract the children and then make a dash for it?

What is your favorite re-arranging technique you utilize so the children will not notice their dwindling candy supply?

What's the most outlandish excuse you've come up with when a child discovers an empty candy wrapper in your room?


Mom Chatter said...

LUCKILY, my children are still small and VERY easily distracted... it's just TOO easy to sneak candy. I'm probably going to gain at least 10 pounds before it's gone, as ALL the candy is my favorite! :)

Anonymous said...

It is called a Mommy Tax. By law I'm entitled to eat 10% of their take home loot. I told them that and they were quite accepting of my lie. SUCKERS.

My favourite is anything chocolate. Which is fine since the kids seem to favour licorce, lollies, sours and such. Plus the chocolate bars usu have peanuts and they can't take them to school lest they kill a classmate. So I'm practically doing a good deed by downing 8 mini O'Henrys while I watch TV.

nell said...

Luckily I still fall into the category of people whose children are to little to count of keep any kind of accurate inventory of their candy. It's SO easy! Muahahaha!

beta mom said...

Mom chatter - I know - so many wonderful choices! (It never feels like that much because they come in such tiny packages!)

Alpha - Mommy Tax?! I dream of being as funny as you are. And let me just say "Thank you" for the public you perform by saving those poor little school children from the evil of peanut products.

Nell - Enjoy it - they just get bigger and more suspicious. We've had to evolve! Love the evil laugh.

Mike said...

ah, the beauty of a tree nut allergy. i don't have to hide or lie or anything. i just take. afterall, it is for health purposes.

Susan said...

My son is losing interest in his stuff at this point. In fact, I don't think he remembers what he has, and I have hidden the Snickers bar under the other less desirable stuff.

I'm going in for the kill tonight...I have no shame.

Katya said...

I don't have to SNEAK candy -- I get the children to gladly and willingly give it to me! How you ask? The Switch Witch. The kids get to keep 10 pieces of candy and they leave the rest on the porch for the Switch Witch. She exchanges the candy for a toy.

She particulary enjoys Butterfingers.

foolery said...

I eat the leftover candy from the nonexistent Trick-or-Treaters. I keep this next to their buckets on top of the fridge. Every night I make a few necessary adjustments -- like trading M&Ms for Tootsie Rolls, and so forth. Their stash doesn't necessarily shrink (although it does, too) it's just getting less potent.