Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's ilove...

Instead of cleaning all of this laundry:

I'm wasting away the day playing with my new computer.

Did imention that ihave a new imac and ilove it. iwill never be without my imac again. ithink ifound true love.

By far our favorite accessory is the photo booth.

While the laundry strangles the pets and makes long distance phone calls, I've been doing this (hope this works):


me as a cartoon

me as a character from the 80's hit video "take on me"

me as an Andy Warhol picture

and me as that kid from Mask


FBW said...

Hey Beta Mom,

Glad to see you are blogging again and that you are enjoying your new photo toy.

Wow...damn girl, you still look HOT! (with apologies to Mr. Beta Mom and Mrs. LoveyWonder :) :)

and for your information, I always thought the girl from the A-ha video was smoking...but did you know that "A-ha" is Norwegian for "one hit wonder'????

However,....gotta tell ya that the last pic doesn't look so much like the kid from mask than it does look like that Irish gal from HBO's Rome...except in the picture you're not naked and/or fornicating and/or killing someone in a most disturbing manner (as far as we know).

In lieu of a clever sign off...I'll just stop talking now.....

Be good :)


Jozet said...


The "Take On Me" video effect mad me snort out loud with laughter, lol!

Damn the laundry!

jeff mac, said...

Several comments here:

1. Must respectfully agree with Fanboywonder -- total betamilf to this day.

2. Please don't do that kid-from-mask effect again. It hurts.

3. I do the best karaoke version of "Take on Me" that you've ever seen. (Unless, you know, you've seen other ones.)

4. I am so iJealous of you and your shiny new computer, I can't stand it. I, Mac, want that iMac.

creative-type dad said...

That thing is a big time eater.

Try the squishy face and then open your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. For the rest of the day, I'm going to have A-Ha running through my mind.

beta mom said...

Hey boy wonder - been thinking about you and your fam. a lot lately and hoping everyone's okay. How's the little one?
I wonder whatever DID happen to Ah-ha....
Didn't see Rome - don't have cable. Plus, as it was a pretty violent time I'm guessing it's not going to be a Netflix choice. (especially if the chicks are killing people in disturbing manners.) Beta Mom doesn't do gore.

To both you and Mac - thanks, dudes, but I'm just a dork who knows how to angle a computer camera.

Jozet - I have to admit....I had to google "what does ROFL mean" as I thought it sounded like a cat throwing up. So glad to know it's just the sound of you rolling on the floor laughing. Thanks for the comment!

MAC - see above
I'll spare us all any more facial deformations. For now, anyway. Beta Girl has a pretty good series going on though, we might see that.
We are so coming to NYC to see that version of "take on me" some day.

Creative Dad - SO wasteful, and now the whole family is in on it. I think I'm going to spare the world the squishy face open mouth. Wasn't that Jerry Lewis's logo?

allrileyedup - muahahahaha (evil laugh)

Susan said...

Beta Mom, the laundry looks great. Oh, you do, too.

I will now have that song running through my head for hours. Thanks.

Hallie said...

iLove it! You are the best! You look awesome! I love the andy warhol one!!! ahhh the 80's music! I loved MTV when there were videos! do they still play videos?

FBW said...

Hey Betamilf (sorry I couldn't resist :)

thanks for asking about the little man...Tyler was discharged from the hospital on Saturday--just 11 days, 2 hospitals and a heart surgery after his birth.

He is at home with his mom and dad and we are all hopeful that after this little heart hickup, it's clear sailing from here.

We also hope that his parents take this as a sign and get their act together...but one miracle at a time.

Lovey and I will be driving down to SC next week to meet him and visit with Brianna, whom we haven't seen since our last visit in May.

As for Rome, it's definately quality television as every UK actor who can get into a toga was it it...but you are's not for anyone who doesn't like gore.

Unfortunately I'm am but a low-brow alpha-male as much as I am a history buff so Rome's graphic violence, sex and nudity (sometimes all at once) along with its historical accuracy pleased both sides of my brain. :)

Like I said before, glad to see you back on the blogging trail...hope to see more.

Best to you and yours...

beta mom said...

Susan - I, too, am so glad that in the dark scary world of blogging we found each other! Thanks for all the great comments; I'm looking forward to our virtual visits!

Hallie - Music?! on MTV?! that's outrageous! Ahhh.remeber the days?

FBW - Thanks for the update. LIttle babies are amazing creatures in their resiliency. I hope that all goes well with your trip next week!

Mom said...

Is that my purple sweatshirt?

Major Bedhead said...

*snort* That last one is a riot. My sister sent me some pictures of herself after running them thru that software. Scared the bejesus out of Boo. Which made me laugh almost as much as the pictures. *sigh* I'm going to hell....

fool said...

eHave an eAging eMac that eLove although it's getting eFull and it's not very eFast. eSigh.

What would the laundry look like using The Kid From Mask effect?