Wednesday, October 31, 2007

She was robbed....

Okay - a self-imposed meme. I've become addicted to Dancing with the Stars. It's like watching some splendid sequined train wreck - I just can't turn my head away. (The fact that it's on one of the two channels we get doesn't hurt, either.)

I'm not one to get in an online debate about who should stay, who should go, who has the improved the most, who uses the most double sided tape and who lifted their feet off the floor and on and on, but I liked that little Cheeta girl's pluck and I'm bummed she got voted off over that vapid male soap star.

Plus, to keep it mommy relevant, I'd like to add that Marie Osmond makes me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in a "middle aged women who unbutton their blouse the extra button and make inappropriate jokes with the bag boys at the supermarket about squeezing their melons" kind of way. I also don't like the fact that she's CONSTANTLY mentioning how she's a single mother. (Alright, she may have only mentioned it once, but my righteousness has no time to check the facts.) I know some amazing single moms who work, manage their houses, love their kids and blog. Don't give me this "ooh I fainted and I'm really busy and I couldn't two step because I'm a single mother of eight children".

Plus, she designs collectible dolls, which are just creepy.

Our Halloween was AWESOME - hope yours was too!


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I completely agree! She is one creepy broad!

jeff mac, said...

I thought Marie Osmond WAS a collectible doll.

Jane said...

wow, i like your writing and the example about the old woman and the bag boy.

Anonymous said...

My highschool grad was a splendid sequined train wreck in a GYM! Agh, 1991. That was a good year.

I'm not a fan of the show but thanks be to Entertainment Tonight and all their new All Dancing With the Stars All the Time Format, I am up to date on the show. Did Marie go old school and birth all 8 of her kids or are some adopted in the new fangled manner of Brangelina?

creative-type dad said...

Those dolls are creepy. My wife's aunt gave my daughter one and it made her cry!!

Susan said...

Beta Mom, I admit I love Dancing with the Stars...even in spite of (or because?) The Ex and I took lessons for several years. It was one of the only activities we did together, you know, that other people could watch. Sometimes...most times it probably would've been frightening.

Speaking of which, those collectible dolls are a horror movie waiting to happen, if it hasn't already. I have to hand it to Marie, however, because dancing is hard work. If she can't get the professional dancer's bod, she can at least get the sympathy vote after her fainting spell. But as a former dancer myself (cough-cough), it's a shame that it ends up being a popularity contest.

Thanks for the link on your blogroll, too :)