Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The "It" girl....

Apparently I've been tagged by the lovely Anna. Aside from being studied and then released back into my natural habitat, being tagged has given me the opportunity to reflect, share, and most importantly, forced me to finally learn how to post a freakin' link. (I think..if it doesn't work, well, my apologies, but I'm probably not going to fix it.)

Here you go.

Four Jobs I've Had

"Junior Naturalist" at a science center. Once you've scooped Polar Bear poop, life is never the same.

Associate Producer with a video production company. This job led to one of my favorite brushes with fame - shooting a PSA with Fred, the Dunkin Donuts guy ("Time to make the donuts"). This is a very regional reference; my apologies to my friends in the south and west. Just know that a brush with a famed pastry pusher was exhilarating. May Fred rest in peace.

Director of a Victorian holiday-themed progressive play that took place over several acres of a maritime museum. 100 actors, 25 crew members, a dozen scene locations, two wagons, four horses, 180 kerosene lanterns, 10,000 ginger snaps, and 36 tours a night for the month of December. Happy Freakin' Christmas. (This was actually one of my favorite jobs ever!)

Program Developer at a children's museum. For more on all the excitement that can follow, read here.

Four movies I could watch over and over:

Princess Bride

Whale Rider

Any of the Lord of the Rings movies (I'm going to count this as my 3rd, 4th and 5th. Yup, I'm a rule-breaker)

This is a tested theory, as we don't have cable. So we do, in fact, watch these movies over and over again.

Four TV Shows I Like (reality version)

Project Runway
Top Chef
My Life on the D List

Four TV Shows I Like (non-reality)

Arrested Development
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy
Let's also throw Lost in here as my loved, but often neglected older, foster child

Four Places I've Gone on Vacation

Disney World
Disney World
Disney World
Disney World

Four Favorite Foods
Grilled salmon
Almost any pasta dish
Ice cream
Mom's rice pudding

Four Websites I Visit Daily
My Blogroll
and.....if you really must know....well....Perez Hilton. There. I've said. Let's move on.

Four Places I Would Rather Be
Sailing on the Mary Day off the coast of Maine
The beach
The movies
Disney World

Four Bloggers I Tag - women who are funny, smart, and cause me to waste entirely too much time in front of the screen -

Nell McCabe
Absolutely Bananas
Alpha Dogma
Canned Laughter



Hallie said...

Victorian Holiday! LOVE IT! You were an inspiration! How many times can you say Happy Christmas and still smile?

beta mom said...

or, how many half eaten ginger cookies can tour guides hide in their corsets?

Mike said...

Is that where you put them? i just would tell people to wait so I could finish it! But, um, cable?

hallie said...

hide in corsets? no no no, i was dropping them along the way so people could find me.....

nell said...

Oh good, I haven't done this one yet!

Mike said...

Love your list, especially your vacation spots.


Alpha DogMa said...

Thanks for the tag! Matthew McConaughey has sucked me of all my creative energy -- he's an animal -- so this will be great and therapeutic and restorative. The blog equivalent of echinacea. Without the bitter after taste.

beta mom said...

Mikey - yup. No cable. We still watch tv - we get two channels and we get videos/downloads and stuff. But not have cable seriously reduces the temptation to watch Project Runway and That's so Raven 24 hours a day. And we would mister.....oh, we would.

Hallie - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Nell - Oh good - I hope you're out of the funk today!

Mike - thanks for the kind words

Alpha Dogma - The McConaughey post is the kind of brilliance I dream about....sugar britches.

Sugar Britches said...

Done and Done!

TX Poppet said...

Thanks for the tag! Mmmm....ginger cookies.....

Bananas said...

So how do you feel about Disney World, then? :)

Anna said...

Love it! And kudos to you on the link stuff, fun, yes? do you watch Project Runway? And love that you are a Survivor Sista with me!