Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who What Where When Why Wednesday

Or...the day formerly known as "Informal Survey Wednesday"!

I read this morning that on the next shuttle headed to the International Space Station, NASA will also be including a prop lightsaber from the original Star Wars movie. Can you imagine if this thing somehow found its way to deep space?

"Hey, Bleepborg - check this out"

"Good golly, Bligbot, what in Saturn's moon is that?"

"It looks like some kind of primitive earth weapon..."

"Is that cardboard? And duct tape? They're defending their planet with cardboard and duct tape?"

"We're totally invading Earth."

Which brings us to today's question: If you could send one thing into space (children don't count) that would express who you really are, what would it be?


jeff mac, said...

Is anybody else a little sad that our government is bringing pretend space stuff into space? That would be like bringing a squid-shaped eraser with you to the bottom of the ocean.

That said, what would I send? Either:

a.) the complete works of The Police (the band, not the public service.)
b.) a receipt from Circuit City (the store, not the actual city.) OR
c.) a squid-shaped eraser

my minivan is faster than yours said...

This is hilarious!

My cat is trying to sit on my keyboard right now. Maybe a little trip to space would help him see more clearly?

amy said...

a very large bottle of ibuprofen.

Anna said...

The mess on my kitchen floor, squishy bananas and all. Plus, bonus, I would get rid of it.

foolery said...

I was going to say a squid-shaped eraser, but somebody already did.

I got nothing.