Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's Informal Survey Wednesday!

Okay, I just made that up, but I capitalized the title so it sounds really official, right?

One of the things I really love love love about blogging are the comments and conversations that come after the posts. Yes, dear readers, it's really all about YOU - so smart and funny and insightful. So, I'm posing a question - feel free to answer...or not. Or, in true Beta style - intend to answer, forget to do it, and then remember sometime next weekend.

We are gearing up for another season of Survivor! I have a sick train-wreck relationship with this tv show. I love it and I hate it. I love it when they're racing through a challenge and someone has a spectacular wipe-out - I hate it when they pick on the old people. I love it when they get attacked by an octopus while spear fishing - I hate it when they eat slugs. I love it when they actually cast out the person I HATE. I hate it when they cast out the person I love. I fantasize about what it might be like to be on Survivor, but I realize my very Beta nature would be counter-productive to winning. So for now, I'll be contented to watch on tv...and then discontented...and contented...and so forth.

What kind of survivor would you be? Would you Outwit Outlast and Outplay...or would you simply Order Out?


jeff mac, manslator said...

I would probably Outsource. No way I can go that long without cake.

I don't really watch the "game show" reality shows. You can put it on an island, but it's one plinko away from "The Price is Right."

That said, I do love the way that my aunt says, "So, do you watch The Survivors?"

Mike said...

I LOVE Survivor. It's the King of reality shows (sorry, real world). I love it. Love it. Love it. Can't get enough of it. It's so dynamic every time. But, me? I'm not sure I could do it. I'd be the guy who would try and ride the coattails of others while trying to flying under the radar. AT least i think that's what I'd do.

TXPoppet said...

The only season I watched was the season of Rupert. I adored him and hubby & I were his most devoted fans.
I think I would be the obnoxious naked guy. Either that or Mary Ann who makes coconut cream pies for the castaways-Oh wait, that's a different show.

amy said...

i'd be the one who didn't chop enough wood and who tried really hard not to complain about my bad back and bug bites. i wouldn't have really bonded with anyone except the total outsider guy who almost always gets the boot on the first day. he only went first because i can make fire with my glasses, and can sometimes make people laugh, which is a skill that buys me a week or so, until which point i'd get way too tired and sick to do anything besides sit in the hut.

beta mom said...

Jeff - I bet Bob Barker would cut a guy's throat while he sleeps.
Outsource..I swear you are the funniest guy I grew up with named Jeff who's a comedian in New York who just wrote a, really, I swear.
(Actually, you're one of the funniest people I know, but my fingers were itching to write that last sentence.)

Mikey - If that's the case, you'd be the guy I can't stand until the very end when I realize you should win because you Outwitted everyone else. (and we all know the smart kids should win)

TXpoppet - I agree - we were completely in love with Rupert. His shoe-stealing pirate moment was the greatest! (as a side note, I think anyone who can live with Great Dane poop can survive 39 days on an island!)

Amy - great self-knowledge about your survivor prospects. You might get booted off, but you'd probably get some great endorsement deal from LensCrafters for your fire starting skills!

Stay tuned for next Wednesday's Informal survey (which will have a better name by then)

Anna said...

I would fly under the radar, but would probably get too crabby to do it well, then people would hate me, and off I would go.

HOWEVER. My husband would win. Hands down. He has the perfect Survivor personality, and if I could do without him for 39 days, I would MAKE HIM APPLY.

Oh, and I LOVE Survivor. Love it. And hardly know anyone who watches it any more, but so glad you do, too.

Anna said...

Oh, I WOULD DEFINITELY practice making fire before I arrived on the island, though, because, SHEESH, people, don't you know by now YOU NEED TO MAKE FIRE TO WIN SURVIVOR?