Friday, July 20, 2007

You might be a Beta Mom if....

you've ever spackled a hole in your wall with toothpaste.


Hallie said...

been there done that, now what to do if the wall is not white!!

beta mom said...

hmmms...that's good questions. You could always try a subtle blend of various flavors; cinamon, mint, organe, etc.

If not, a well placed picture will always do the trick!

Jeff Mac said... there another way to spackle?

beta mom said...

Jeff Mac - long time no blog! Your new site is a scream - there are so many things I need manslated....which to choose first.

As for "spackling" I believe it originally comes from the old English and refers to the crisp feeling one gets after brushing one's teeth. As in "Hey Chahlie - you got some wicked spakling breath. Now pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd."

Jeff Mac said...

I think your Brit may have spent some time in Boston. Just saying.

I love the tarantula story. Very, very funny stuff. Oh, and I'm never coming over to your house.

And please -- come on by for a manslation anytime!