Friday, June 29, 2007

Let me be clear...

In the interest of good Blog customer service, I think it's important to be clear about our expectations. That way we avoid disappointment which will lead to dissatisfaction which will lead a messy break-up during which you will sneak into my house to steal back all of your Journey tapes. (Sorry, it's been a while since I've actually dated.) So, onto our expectations:

1. Please do not have any expectations.

2. I may not write every day; I may not write every week. In fact, I may completely forget all about this blog, and in a couple of months come across it, only to be delighted that someone out there so totally understands me.

3. I can't spellq.

4. There will be times when I will forget entire words in a sentence. There's a tiny Alpha editor who lives in my brain who wants me to copy my work into a word document, proof it three times and show it to someone else for proofing. Fortunately in those moments my inner Beta hits the Alpha editor over the head with a bottle of tequila and I just don't stress about it.

5. I cannot promise to refreshingly original. Now, I think it's important to emphasize that this is not for a lack of trying. It's because these are all hard truths shared by millions of moms - I'm bound at some point to echo a sentiment that's already been expressed.

6. Posts will rarely be longer than 3 paragraphs. That's about how long I have before something breaks, someone shrieks, or I just see something shiny and lose focus.

7. If I end a post with wwwwwdwwdwdwwwdwdwwddwwwwwdw it means that my fingers have gotten stuck in a pile of Fluff on the computer - please send help. (As a side note, may I respectfully add that if you do not know what Fluff is, this is definitely not the blog for you.)

Well I think that's all for now - #1 really covers anything that might fall into the grey areas. Thanks so much to the amazing
Beta moms who commented yesterday. As soon as I figure our to respond to individual comments, I'll post a reply.

But, please, don't expect too much.

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