Sunday, September 23, 2007


5:30 Awakened by the nine-year-old, who on a weekday moans like a zombie when I DRAG him out of bed at 7:15.

7:30 - 10:00 - Aimlessly surfed the net

10:01 - Refused nine-year-old access to computer, because too much screen time is very, very bad for him.

10:02 - 11:00 - Surfed some more

11:00 - Considered running. Too hot. Ate yummy pastries instead (Thank you, mom). Will run tomorrow. Unless it's too hot again...or something comes up...or if it's a day that ends in "y".

12:00 - Washed dog. Came to a sad realization that dog smelled better than rug.

2:00 - Went to Walmart to purchase rug cleaner and new bike helmet for 5-year-old.

2:15 - Went into shock shopping for bike helmet, which costs as much a trip to the emergency room for head trauma. Weighed options. Decided to go with my legal obligations and purchased said helmet.

2:27 - Left the big blue box forgetting rug cleaner, but spending $60 on stuff I don't need.

3:00 - Purchased first pumpkins of the season. Imagining all the cute things Martha Stewart does with her pumpkins.

3:15 - Piled pumpkins on kitchen counter next to toilet paper and ant traps.

5:30 - Planned exquisite dinner.

5:45 - Threw some Cheez-its in a bowl, popped in a movie and decided to write.

6:40 - Posting.


Mom Chatter said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday! :)

Mike said...

Hey...I'm just glad you're back!

beta mum said...

Isn't it odd the way they have to be hauled out of bed by their hair on a school day; but are up, dressed and playing loudly in the room next door at the weekend.

Hallie said...

sounds like a great sunday! I am over at wordpress....

Deb said...

HAHAH we had waffles at 6:00am, well kids and I did. 11:30 Hubby and I had scrambled eggs, and little smokie sausages, 1:30 we had bill batemans buffalo wings... no sunday dinner here, kids had grilled cheese and yogurt!

Anna said...

So what you're saying is, that there is going to be a day when I sit at the computer without someone pulling on my leg, crawling under the desk to bite on the wires, trying to nurse or asking to watch a "struction movie" also known as a you tube search on diggers?

WOW.Can't wait.

beta mom said...

Chattering mom...It was!

Mike - that's make two of us. Welcome back from the mini-trip!

Beta Mum - It's one of the ironic cruelties of parenting. That, and I have perfect hair on the days when it doesn't matter.

Hallie - Of bad.
I've updated my link.

Ded - Solidarity, sister. Remember, consistency is the key.

Anna - Yes, have hope! That day will come and you, too, can enjoy the nagging feeling of guilt as you eschew your children for the love of a good blog!

Liz Ulvila said...

So glad your back! I've miss you! Hugs - Aunt Liz : )

creative-type dad said...

That's great!

BTW- I think Martha has child orphans locked in her basement that have loads of time to make crafty things

Alpha DogMa said...

Pumpkins as objet d'art. My goal for this year. And next.

beta mom said...

Aunt Liz - I write for you!

Creative Dad - Hilarious! Martha Stewart - devil or saint?

Alpha Dogma - Object D'art...or object D'food.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a typical Sunday for me (with the exception of the kids). I have that same rug problem... Currently the rug is hanging on the porch. It's been there for a month. Eventually it will either not smell like the dogs or it will get thrown away.

my minivan is faster than yours said...

Cheez-Its are So dinner. It's not like they're Pringles or anything. Which obviously are more a breakfast food.

Lovin' your blog :)